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With great pleasure, we write to offer our heartfelt congratulations to Lieutenant Colonel Darnell Weaver on his recent promotion to Colonel and appointment to the position of Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police. We believe that he is the right person, at the right time, and in the correct position. The Colonel has successfully risen through the ranks and clearly understands the systemic problems inherent to the profession of policing and career challenges for officers of color.

As we have stated several times in the past, we can attempt to make positive changes in our profession only through the ascension of highly qualified officers of color. Throughout his nearly thirty years of honorable service, both to his agency and the community, Colonel Weaver has shown the capacity and desire to advocate on behalf of his profession, while often contentious, but on behalf of the people, we serve.

As the first person of color to ever hold this position, it must be understood and recognized that he will be held to a different and a higher standard. While there are, undoubtedly, those, who are, and will continue to be, opposed to the level of systemic and cultural change that will likely occur in an agency that has been replete with a history and tradition that has made it the hallmark for law enforcement both locally and nationally. The depth and commitment of his partnership with organizations such as the Rhode Island Guardians Association (RIGA) and his directed outreach to the community will prove positive of a desire to make the agency better than it has been. As his agency becomes more representative of the community it is sworn to protect and serve, it will most assuredly garner enhanced levels of respect, police legitimacy, and community support. Without such constructive and contemporary police reform, no law enforcement agency can succeed in its mission.

Again, our congratulations on the Governor's stellar appointment. We look forward to his future successes and will be open to opportunities to assist him in his goals of making the Rhode Island community safer and improving the relationships of law enforcement with the community it serves.

Again, our best wishes for success.

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  • In 1870 - 15th Amendment passed giving Blacks right to vote

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