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Adapting To The Guardian Mindset – Changing The Culture of Policing

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Wednesday, August/10/2022 starting at 08:00A
Rhode Island College
600 Mt Pleasant Ave

The Rhode Island Guardians Association (RIGA) will host a 2-day mini-conference titled “Adapting to the Guardian Mindset-Changing the Culture of Policing.” Presented August 10 thru August 11, 2022, in cooperation with Rhode Island College (RIC) and Rhode Island College Police Department, this informative seminar is specifically designed for the interest of law enforcement personnel, the academic community, and our community stakeholders. This training will involve acquiring effective communication and active listening skills and other community-policing-related techniques designed to enhance and improve the relationships between community members and their law enforcement guardians. Participants will receive instruction through both lectures and open discussions.

Featured workshops will cover such issues as: “The Good Cop Principle-Building Cultural Competency Skills; Civilian Oversight as a Police Accountability Mechanism; Conflict Engagement for Law Enforcement; Legal Consequences of the Use of Excessive Force; The Enemy Within-Extremism in Law Enforcement; Improving Police Response to the Mentally Ill; The Intersection of Policing and Race-The History of Police Brutality in America”

Registration for this 2-day conference, held in the Student Union at Rhode Island College, 600 Mount Pleasant Avenue, Providence, RI, is $150.00 per person (Note: $100.00 per person for 3 or more attendees from the same agency) until August 3. Registration is open to all members of law enforcement, correctional personnel, court officials, probation/parole personnel, non-profit organizations, private businesses, community stakeholders, and academic institutions. Registration fees cover the costs of program material, a continental breakfast, lunch, and a certificate of attendance. This program is only available to the first 80 registrants. For group (3 or more) discounts, please use the online “Member’s Rate” or indicate on the purchase order. Pre-registration is required.

Complete the downloadable form (which may be duplicated for multiple registrations) and must be returned with a check or money order, except for purchase orders, payable to RI Guardians Association, PO Box 113854, North Providence RI 02911-9998, NOT LATER THAN AUGUST 3, 2022. Registration may also be completed online at: http://riguardians.org/training.cfm using credit or debit cards or payment through PayPal. Any questions contact me at: 401.548.1333 or email: javant110@cox.net.

Admission price $150.00 per person


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